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MOOMAD has dedicated staff to communicate efficiently with you. With our deep understanding, we provides tailored design solutions to best meet the needs and requirements for sustainability and added market value. All projects are well-planned and executed by our Creative Director. We are looking forward to cooperate with you.

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MOOMAD cherishes every client who chooses us. Please learn more about our design style before commissioning the project. If you are interested in talking about your new projects to us, or would like to know more about us, we recommend that you add our WeChat.

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我们始终期待职业素养与才华兼具的新伙伴加入魔美,或是在项目期间进行合作。因此,如果你擅长插画创作,C4D,AE,请将你的个人简历及代表作发送到 我们会根据你的薪资要求与专业能力给予回复。

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We always look forward to the new partners with professional ethics and talents to join us. Therefore, if you are good at illustration, or skilled in C4D and AE, please send your resume and portfolio to We will respond according to your salary requirements and professional abilities.